Our Products

Kurita Canada offers our customers complete and effective water treatment chemical products and equipment systems designed for steam boilers, closed loop and cooling water system applications. Our quality products are designed to reduce corrosion, prevent scale and control biological activity - protecting your investment, extending your equipment life and maximizing savings.


Oxygen Scavengers – Sludge/Scale Conditioners – Neutralizing and Filming Amines

Evaporative Cooling

Corrosion, Scale & pH Control Chemistries – Microbiliocal & Biofilm Control Chemistries – Legionella Detection

Hydronic Closed Loops

Corrosion & Scale – Inhibitor Chemistries – Inhibited Glycols – EndoTherm – Energy Savings Additive

Water Treatment Equipment

Dosing Pumps – Flow Meters – PLC Controllers – Filtration – Ion Exchange & Reverse Osmosis Systems – Custom System Design –