Alleviate Challenges with Multipurpose Water Treatment

Kurita Canada’s (formerly Keytech) Parafos has been treating, controlling, and protecting water systems for over 30 years. Formulated from a unique blend of materials, Parafos is a multipurpose water treatment product, providing corrosion protection and scale control. NSF International certifies that this product conforms to the requirements of NSF/ANSI/CAN 60: Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals - Health Effects.

Parafos Benefits

Parafos is a concentrated water treatment product designed to treat a maximum amount of water to effectively protect your system. With Parafos, both capital and ongoing costs of water treatment are typically lower than alternate methods. 

Parafos sequesters calcium, magnesium, and silica, reducing and preventing the formation of hard water scale deposits as well as gradually removes existing deposits. Parafos alleviates the problems associated with corrosion by forming a monomolecular film on the waterside of metal plumbing surfaces, effectively reducing corrosion with this protective barrier.   

In many applications, Parafos can replace the need for a water softener system. With Parafos, capital and installation costs are only a small fraction of typical water softeners. Operation and maintenance costs are also greatly reduced. Salt use and water used for backwash and regeneration are eliminated. Parafos provides excellent protection from scale buildup and provides corrosion protection not offered by water softeners.

Parafos is available as a concentrated liquid product and is supplied ready to use. Parafos is simple and convenient to feed and monitor, rarely requiring adjustment. 

Parafos Gamma

For high temperature applications, Parafos Gamma is specially formulated to treat and control scale deposits in potable water systemsIt also provides corrosion control by forming a protective film on waterside surfaces. Parafos helps keep the waterside of steamtowater heat exchangers scale free.

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